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Fic: If You Ask Me To Stay (Arrow, Oliver/Felicity, G)
always_a_queen wrote in arrow_fic
Title: If You Ask Me To Stay
Author: always_a_queen
Fandom: Arrow (2012)
Wordcount: 5,300-ish
Rating: G (the rating on is K+)
Characters: Oliver Queen, Felicity Smoak, John Diggle, mentions of others
Pairing(s): Oliver Queen / Felicity Smoak
Warning(s): Spoilers through 1x18. Mild Language.
Notes: This was supposed to be fluffy five times fic. It ended up turning into an angst fest. I'm only sort of sorry.
Disclaimer: I do not own Oliver Queen or anything else related to Arrow.
Summary: "Felicity never met the Oliver-of-before. The only Oliver she knows is the one forged by fire, the one who was irreparably broken again and again, but still somehow managed to piece himself back together, scar fragments be damned."



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