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arrow_fic's Journal

Arrow Fan Fiction
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It's a new show, let's build us a fandom.

Help Desk

You can leave a comment in this post if you have any questions or concerns. You can also PM nina_vendredi.


Welcome to arrow_fic, your one stop shop for fanfiction based on the CW's Arrow.


1. Acceptable content
Please keep your posts on topic. This is for CW’s Arrow, not The New 52, not Smallville. References to these sources are fine, and even encouraged, but all posts must primarily deal with Arrow and its characters and settings. Any posts searching for specific fics will be deleted. If you wish to advertise in the community, you must ask permission, either in the help post, or an email. Advertising should be limited to fanwork communities and challenges, but exceptions may be made for good causes.

2. LJ Cuts
Any post longer then 200 words or containing spoilers, or large/multiple images must be behind a cut. If you're unsure how to do a cut, we'll be happy to help. If you're asked to cut your fic, and fail to do so, your post will be deleted. This means, don't post and immediately disappear for the night. NSFW material also belongs behind a cut. This will be strongly enforced.

3. Read all the rules
Any post containing the phrase "feel free to delete" will be deleted. If the rules are confusing, I want to know so I can fix them. If you are unsure if your post is appropriate for this community, leave a comment here and I will let you know.

4. Posting
Posting should be limited to fic. Must contain some variation of the following above the cut:


Your name and word count aren't required, but are generally appreciated by newsletter compilers. Author's notes are encouraged, but should be below the cut.

Don't add code to your posts to change default fonts or sizes. Everyone views the community differently, and if you hard code your changes, you may make your posts unreadable.

Do not link to locked journals. If a link becomes locked after posting, even if it is months or years later, it is subject to deletion. Do not lock your entries, if you don't feel comfortable posting unless it is locked, please drop a comment in the help post, and we can discuss options.

If you are posting multiple fics, or single fics with multiple parts all in the same day, PLEASE, just make a master post to the community, and post your work offsite. If you are unable to do this for any reason, feel free to contact the mod in the help post to make other arrangements.

5. Spoilers
For the purposes of this comm, spoilers are defined as any plot development of the current season, until the next season airs. All spoilers must be noted and behind a cut.

6. Warnings
You must warn for common triggers such as consent issues, violence, self-harming behaviors, death, and fetishes. If you feel that warnings are spoilers please hide them behind the spoiler cut (instructions are in LJ's FAQ), since highlighting to read is frequently defeated by personal journal settings.

7. Ratings
For consistency and to make tagging easier, please use the following rating system: PAIRINGS DO NOT AFFECT RATING
G - General audiences. (no sex on screen or off, little to no violence, or mild violence is only implied, no swearing. i.e. typical Pixar movie)
T - Teen. (sex happens off screen, or does not go past heavy petting, minor drug or alcohol use on screen, violence results in serious injury, or death i.e. typical Spielberg movie)
M - Mature. (on screen sex, use of violent imagery or multiple scenes depicting violence, heavy drug and/or alcohol use. i.e. typical David Fincher movie )
E - Explicit. (Graphic, detailed and/or multiple sex scenes, extended scenes of extreme violence i.e. detailed torture. Detailed descriptions of common triggers should also carry the explicit warning. i.e. typical Tarantino movie) * Explicit works must also be under an LJ cut, regardless of size. You should also set the LJ Adult content option to "explicit adult content" when posting.

8. Tags
Please tag your fics in the format provided. At this time, we are not using author tags. However, if an author posts more then 3 times (let us know when you've hit your third fic), we will create a listing for you in the community's memories.
Each fic should be tagged with a rating, genere, and pairing if appropriate. Pairings are alphabetical, not top/bottom. Feel free to list your pairings differently in your header. Mods reserve the right to delete or change any tags that do not conform to formatting requirements.
*If your post is an allowed non-fic, please add a "type" tag (art, new comm, challenge, etc)

9. Acceptable Behavior
Never forget that your fellow members are human beings worthy of respect and happiness, and treat them as such. Slurs, grudgewank, trolling and bullying will not be tolerated. If you feel the need to character bash, you can go make your own comm, you won't be welcome here.

Failure to follow these rules may result in deletions of your posts, or banning from the community.



Message or email me if you want to affiliate. We're not limited to lj communities.

About your moderator

I'm doing this alone right now [volunteers would be appreciated, you can submit your resume to nina.vendredi@gmail.com ;) ].